El Capitan

El Capitan

El Capitan” is what The BoxFitFam calls me because I am the Founding Father of BoxFit. Although this sounds real serious; if you ask my wife, she’ll tell you who the real “Capitan” is!

I’m a Strength & Gymnastics Coach, so my workouts are Intense, & Demanding. I expect that of Myself, & hence The BoxFitFam as well. Most will tell you that I’m Focused, Determined, & Motivated, with an Immaculate Attention for Detail;

All of which are true, but I do have a Quirky & Loveable (At least I think so!) side to me as well!

Don’t get me wrong here - I’ll push you to your Limits, but I do have the ability to laugh at myself as well, again (which I think), makes me endearing!

Having spent some time in South America, I’ll end this by saying;

#ElToroBravo... is waiting for you in the Ring!

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El Capitan