New to BoxFit at Home? Start Here

New to BoxFit at Home? Start Here

Get your basics right with these foundational workouts and build up your strength and conditioning to do more fun yet challenging live interactive workouts.

New to BoxFit at Home? Start Here
  • The how to do series

    20 videos

    Learn from the Pros!
    The Trainer Talent at BoxFit, shows YOU how to get the BEST out of Movements, Effectively & Efficiently, that are used the MOST in your Daily Workouts!

  • New to Boxfit? Start Here!

    2 seasons

    Well Hello There, Newbie! We at BoxFit, LOVE that you’ve chosen us as your Fitness Fam! We hope to be seeing a lot of you,
    & vice-versa, so let’s get acquainted, shall we?

    Firstly; Welcome to the ever growing #BoxFitFam ! We believe Wholeheartedly, Passionately, & Physically - in Making Fitness...

  • How to throw a Jab Cross

  • Learn the perfect Push Up

  • Best way to do a Squat